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For the last ten years, QuantUM Entertainment has produced theatre by students, for students at the University of Miami. QuantUM aims to provide positive theatrical experiences for all UM students, whether onstage, behind the scenes, or in the audience. Shows range from large musicals to straight plays and performing arts-related events, such as our annual shadowcast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, acting workshops, and spoken word competitions. One of our reoccurring events throughout the year is UProv, improv performances by QuantUM’s UProv Team. QuantUM does not only seek to entertain, but also to inform and raise awareness about pressing social justice issues.

About the Committee:

Every aspect of production – acting, design, direction, and even writing – is decided upon and completed by students, allowing for a freedom of creative expression that is not found elsewhere on campus. Opportunities are available for all levels of experience and new members who are eager to participate in or learn about different aspects of the theatre are always welcome.  We are always looking for directors to propose shows, actors, and technicians for our productions. Join us for a show, a build, an audition, or a general meeting to get involved and meet a great group of people who love sharing their arts with UM.


Spring 2014 Season

  • January 16
    • Welcome Back Party 
  • February 14

    • Open Mic Showcase
  • March 25, 27, 29, 30
    • Avenue Q the Musical
      • @ UM Hillel
  • UProv
  • (regular improv performances)

Email us to: be part of a production team or volunteer with one of our events

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Like us on facebook.com/HPQuantUM

Chair: Alli Sheahan (a.sheahan@umiami.edu)


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